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Fry's Electronics Complaint - Deceiving sales/customer service practices-Renton Wa. Store - Laptop service
Fry's Electronics Complaint

Fry's Electronics Complaint


Deceiving sales/customer service practices-Renton Wa. Store - Laptop service

I needed to find out if they carried a replacement cooling fan for a laptop. Called the main store and requested to speak with service department. Phone rep. would not connect me but he talked with service dept. I was told that I had to bring laptop in so they could verify correct part number. There was no mention of any service charge to perform this verification.

As soon as I got there, they immediately wanted to charge me $69 diagnostic fee before confirming part numbers and service repair costs. I informed them that was unacceptable. I instructed them to pull the model information off the computer to first see if they had the part and what the cost of labor and parts would be before committing to any work.

When they finally quoted the part cost, I knew then I was at the biggest ripoff store. They wanted $175 for a $15 part, plus labor on top of this. I had a bad feeling about this place after listening to the frustration of the customer before me dealing with the same service tech.

Their strategy is to lure you into the store and get you immediately spending money regardless of what the issue is. A cooling fan problem is fairly obvious and when customer specifically contacts the store to get a quote over the phone, you should be able to get this without having to make a 30 mile round trip to find out they have an entirely different agenda.

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biz888 says: (6 years ago)
I had very bad SCAM experience at Frys just recently. I bought a Ultrabook
$1600 plus insurance $300. By the time I finished paying all other items it
was around $2,400. I needed a laptop/tablet combined for my work. I
searched the internet and printed what I needed. Went to Fry's and found a
Lenovo twist for $1099 but only had 125 gb. I wanted one with 500 GB. I
surely liked the screen as it it was perfect for what I needed 12.5" So, a
salesman and supervisor name Jon Oca, helped me. I realized the keyboards
were too plasticky so I wanted something better and willing to pay more for
it. So, he brought me to Sony Vaiio Ultrabook which was just released two
weeks ago. There was also another buyer (witness) who also happens to be
looking also for the same thing and we both talked and gave me her business
card and asked me to let her know what is my input on the Sony. I
excitedly asked if the Sony Ultrabook is 500 GB. Salesman said yes infront
of the other buyer. He also said that is I-7 Intel Core which is the
latest and the greatest with 8GB Memory. I was concerned that it was only
11.5". He said that is not that much smaller than the Lenovo and that I
should not feel the difference. I asked him a couple of times NOT just
once infront of this other buyer if it is 500 GB and said he said yes.
Then, the other buyer said to me "You know they have 15% RESTOCKING FEE". I
got worried and immediately asked him. Jon Oca the saleman looked at me in
the eyes, smiled and said "DON'T WORRY.. If you return I will I will NOT
charge you the restocking fee... I am the supervisor in the computer dept".
This scammer would have NOT told me the restocking fee if the other buyer
didn't tell me. The salesman then explained why they are now charging 15%
restocking fee. That there were 20 computers that got returned all in one
day when there was a convention. I told the salesman, why should other
customers pay the price on these 20 buyers that made the return. I told him
that the 15% restocking fee is bad and not fair for buyers and all it takes
is ONE upset buyer who will tell 20 more buyers, and each of those buyers
will tell 20. It is worse than the 20 returns they received. Well, here I
am telling the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Anyway, two days later, as I was surfing and learning the Windows 8 and
finally went to the desktop, I found out the Ultrabook is only 250 GB and 50
GB is somehow already used up with all kinds of programs installed by the
manufacturer. I was very upset that this unsuspecting salesman LIED to me.
I am also finding out the screen is too small for what I needed. Five days
after my purchase, I called him up and told him that I would like to return
because he lied it is NOT 500GB and the screen is too small. I REMINDED him
that he made a promise he will give me refund and that I had a witness and
not give me any problem. This salesman then flatly DENIED it and said, "Oh,
I would not make a promise like that. We have 15% RESTOCKING FEE (that's
$360 they want to charge me). You can exchange it with something else in
the store if you want" So, I argued with him on the phone and told him that
I had a witness. Salesman (Jon Oca) still refused. I was very upset so I
ran directly to the store. Again, he refused and I knew I had no fight
against this. As one of the staff going through the Ultrabook, he noticed
that there is tiny dent on the side of the laptop and told me they will not
take it back at all. I told them I was the only user so how that got there
I have no idea. Anyway, they refuse to take it back without charging me the
15% restocking fee even if the dent is not there. But since the dent is
there they will not will not take it back at all. I immediately contacted
the other buyer who was a witness and heard this salesman make the promise.
She said she will NO longer go there and will buy her computer at Best Buy.
Today, I talked to her and she did. Well, there is another Frys LOST

I will take a lost on this one and sell it at around $900. I will lose $700
;--((. I really need the bigger screen and 500GB. I used to love Frys and
purchased a nice tv and all my stereos two years ago. I spent almost
$10,000. Now I hate this store and I would like to warn all the consumers
BEWARE of LIAR SALESMAN they have over there. This place is NO longer what
it used to me. Best Buy used to do the same thing charge 15% restocking fee
and obviously a system that did NOT work. Best Buy NO longer do this as
there were less buyers. Fry's took over Best Buy FAILED SYSTEM. Please

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